Leading through innovation


Even more than its meticulous engineering, MPF is defined by its continuous innovation. Since inventing the first MPF mid motor in 2003, we've simply never stopped reinventing it.

What begins as a breakthrough becomes the standard for every bike on the road like the front directed gear box design of MPF which was presented in 2010.

Technologie briefing

MPF DRIVE is a new, advanced, light weight e-motor system for bicycles. It was developed within an international team and with its sophisticated technology it will give bicycle riding a new dimension.


A clean and sustainable transportation is one of the most valuable future targets for a human being. Each bicycle more on the road means one step forward to meet the demands, a fact which under MPF purposes needs to be highlighted.

The 3 characters MPF of the registered trade mark show the main philosophy of our products "Matched Performance and Function". Performance and function are balanced through the whole development process to finally create a product able to meet customer's high requirements.

The powerful MPF DRIVE 5.0 system was based on the experience of the MPF DRIVE 4.0 system which had its product launch already in 2003 and was during this time the only centre motor which already included a torque sensing intelligence.

Crank mounted position gives to the e-bike the optimal mass distribution, low center of gravity without additional mass to rotating wheels. Bicycle feeling can remain. Compact design of the motor with its alloy body has resulted in the lowest motor weight of only 4,8kg.


The special motor design offers the possibility to use conventional front derailleur systems even with 3-chainwheels.
To protect the motor from mechanical damage, it is covered with a protection shield which is available in multicolour design.
3 independent sensors record crank torque, crank speed and bicycle speed and give their input to the processing unit. The required power output of the motor for actual driving situations is then calculated in real time. This provides the bicycle rider in every driving situation with the right motor support without any further input.
The user can choose from different support levels on two clear and well styled control units. One representing the smallest available control unit and the other an LCD display with maximal function with USB connectivity and pulse measurement.

The high quality Juice battery system is available in different capacity levels to support motor power. All batteries use high quality Panasonic Li-Ion cells. Available capacities: 9Ah, 12 Ah. The Juice battery is equipped with an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) using CAN bus standard to communicate with the motor thus providing always the right electric energy.

Development Technologies

Latest development technologies on CAD, CAE and testing have been used during a period of rd. 3 years to find optimal technical solutions that could satisfy product targets regarding function and quality.

Development team

The MPF DRIVE system was developed within an international team. Experienced, high skilled team members combined with automotive development standards as well as high motivation was the base for the innovative MPF DRIVE System.

The new MPF6 is comingSOON

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