Battery MPF Juice

The battery MPF Juice was developed with a modern stylish design to fit into new e-Bike concepts. The funcionatliy of the Juice was kept high i.e. the integrated handle bar can be unfolded to support easy handling and it is highly secured by its key lock system. The separate mounting fixture can be simply screwed i.e. toward the drink bottle holder.

The charging status of the battery is shown directly on the top of the battery by 5 LEDs.

Mounting: Frame battery with rack
Capacity: 9 Ah / 12 Ah
Weight: 2,8 Kg
Size: 270 x 100 x 85 mm
BMS. internally
Protection rating: IPx4
Capacity control: yes , LED
Locking system: yes
Charging time: 2 A charger: 4.5 - 6 hours
                      4 A charger: 2.3 - 3 hours


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